Violin: King Joseph Guarneri“As a professional violinist and violin teacher I know how important it is for my students to have a violin with the best tonal quality that is also set up to play and perform on comfortably and easily. Contemporary Violins always offer knowledgable and professional advice and have a really good selection for all standards of players.”

“Bríona (age 12) has grown to love her new Scott Cao violin, and it has opened up beautifully and really started to sing. This week she won the Premier Open Class (Grade 8) at the Perform in Perth Music Competition playing her new violin. Next week, she will be a soloist alongside Nicola Benedetti, and then she will be in the front desk of the second violins in NYOS Juniors! She is delighted with it! Many thanks for the time you gave us. Your understanding and expertise were invaluable as choosing a new violin was no easy task, but you made it a pleasure. Thank you!”
Sarah, Greg, Bríona and Finn M

“When I was looking to buy a new violin, Sharon and John at Contemporary Violins couldn’t have been more helpful. They gave me excellent advice and were more than happy to let me try several different violins until I found the one that I wanted. I’ve had my violin for more than two years now and I am still delighted with it. They were a real pleasure to work with and no matter whether you are a beginner or professional, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Contemporary Violins to anyone looking to buy a new instrument.”
Caitlin D

We heard about Contemporary Violins from a professional player who had purchased a Scott Cao violin for himself from John and was extremely pleased with it.

My son had just started attending a music school and John spent many hours with him teasing out his preferences in order to take some violins away to try. My son’s violin teacher, who is a prolific performer, said of the chosen violin “…lovely warm tone and great value for the price”. We later had reason to take the violin to a well respected violin maker who showed a lot of interest in it and was clearly very impressed. He told us we had “…done very well!” with regards to quality/sound/cost and was extremely complimentary overall.

I had spent a substantial amount of time researching Scott Cao violins and was confident to go ahead with a purchase. However a real bonus was the care taken by John in his handling of the player. He was, ultimately interested in the individual and took time to find the eventual suitable instrument with a huge amount of time and patience!

John appears to have that special DNA thing … “ innate care”…. to the point you just know he must also be a superb teacher.

It goes without saying that we highly recommend John and his Scott Cao violins.
Rona M

My parents bought my violin from Contemporary Violins, it was the Scott Cao “Soil” copy. It is a brilliant instrument to play, and the after sales service was second to none e.g. my bow needed re haired. My dad contacted John and he got us in touch with a professional bow hairer straight away. I really enjoyed buying my violin from Contemporary Violins and am glad we found them.
Leah M