Scott Cao violins

These Scott Cao violins are handmade by individual makers, and are faithful copies of some of the most famous and iconic violins by the great Cremonese makers. All are set up with Dominant strings and Aubert bridge.

We also have a selection of good quality cases and accessories by GEWA for sale.

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STV850 ‘Scarampella’ – £2000

Stefano Scarampella is considered to be one of the finest violin makers of the 20th century. His work is mostly based on a robust interpretation of the Stradivari model. These instruments are copies of a fine violin from 1890.

STV950 ‘Scarampella’ – £2850

STV1500 ‘Scarampella’ – £4850

STV750 ‘Lafont’ by Guarneri Del Gesu, 1735 – £1450

The earliest known owner was the French violinist and composer Charles Phillipe Lafont. This violin has a bright and powerful sound quality.

STV750 ‘Gibson’ by Antonio Stradavari, 1713 – £1450

Stolen from Huberman’s dressing room in Carnegie Hall in 1936 and not recovered for fifty years, this violin has an exquisite red varnish. It is currently owned by Joshua Bell.

STV750 ‘Cannone’ by Guarneri Del Gesu, 1743 – £1450

Owned by the most famous violinist of all time, Nicolo Paganini, the violin derives its name from the power and resonance of its sound.

STV850 ‘Cannone’ by Guarneri Del Gesu, 1743 – £2000

STV1500 ‘Cannone’ by Guarneri Del Gesu, 1743 – £4850

STV950 ‘Emperor’ – £3000

The ‘Emperor’ violin of 1715 dates from Stradivari’s Golden Period. With broad, flat arching and a brilliant reddish-orange varnish, the sound is both warm and full.

STV750 by G.B.Guadagnini, 1776 – £1450

Guadagnini made violins from 1729-1786 in Milan, Parma and Turin. This violin is a copy of a fine late period instrument.

STV750 ‘Vieuxtemps’ by Guarneri Del Gesu, 1741 – £1450

One of Guarneri’s last and greatest violins, it gained its name after being owned by the French violinist and composer Henri Vieuxtemps. It has been called the “Mona Lisa” of violins because of its wonderful craftsmanship and the peerless richness of its sound.

STV750 ‘Cremonese’ by Antonio Stradavari, 1715 – £1600

A great masterpiece from Stradavari’s “Golden Period” with a beautiful one piece back, the Cremonese was once owned by Joseph Joachim.

STV850 ‘Soil’ by Antonio Stradavari, 1714 – £2000

One of Stradavari’s finest violins it was owned by the French luthier Jean -Baptiste Vuillaume. Subsequent owners have included Yehudi Menhuin and Itzak Perlman.

STV 850 ‘King Joseph’ by Guarneri Del Gesu, 1737 – £2300

The first of Guarneri del Gesu’s instruments to arrive in USA, it is considered one of the finest violins in existence. It has a one piece back of slab cut wood with a powerful and resonant sound.

STV950 ‘Soil’ by Antonio Stradavari, 1714 – £2850

STV1500 ‘Soil’ by Antonio Stradavari, 1714 – £4850